Hayaku Trading & Services Limited is a marine fueling specialist. Our core business activity involves supplying marine bunker and acting as consultants in a number of bunkering related operations. With extensive experience and expertise, we provide dry bulk vessels with excellent marine fuel services. In addition to marine bunkering, we also offer consultancy in bunkering related services, including bunker hedging, business matching and market entry. 

We supply marine fuels to bulk carrier vessels in a plethora of bunkering ports across the globe through a regulated partnership network. Depending on your requirements, we can trade and act as a marine broker or consultant. We are available around the clock to deliver reliable marine fuel services promptly, both on-shore and off-shore, in the right quantity and quality, and even at very short notice.

Hayaku Trading & Services
Hayaku Trading & Services

Company Values
We pride ourselves as being a company with deep-rooted values and a belief system of customer satisfaction and accountability. Marine bunkering being a significant influencer of the ecosystem, we are thus committed to tackling issues on climate change and promoting environmental stability.

We also pride ourselves in delivering quality bunkering services to our clients across numerous cities in the world. We are available around the clock and every day of the week to meet your bunkering demands. Recognizing our employees as our greatest assets, we engage them in continuous development programs to improve knowledge and skills, which in turn serve to improve our employee-client relationship and service delivery. Our foremost devotion is to our clients, workers, ecosystem and the society in all its vastness.