Marine Fuel Supplier

Hayaku Trading & Services Limited is specialized in the supply of marine fuels to ships (otherwise known as Bunker Supply). We serve to provide top quality marine fuels to marine ports across Asia, the Persian Gulf and Europe. We supply different grades of properly tested marine fuels according to the needs of our clients, in the agreed quantity, specifications and time frame, while minimizing all possible risks associated with bunkering in challenging locations.

Our business activity is directed towards supplying the dry bulk vessels. As the ports to which these ships may be requested often vary in location and size, most ship owners, charterers and operators are often faced with the problem of planning the bunkering. We are well enlightened in these areas and have found the best solutions to these bunkering challenges.

At Hayaku Trading & Services Limited, we also offer consultancy in price risk management. Our price risk management programs aim at avoiding losses associated with fuel price fluctuation, thus helping bunkering companies and affiliates to budget with certainty for the future while creating efficient cash management. Our programs offer solutions tailored to both short-term and long-term requirements. Using our Fixed Forward Price (FFP) hedging contracts, a certain price can be fixed for a bunkering contract proposed to last several months. This helps to lock in profits by avoiding price fluctuations in the future and assisting budget control. FFP also has the advantage of guaranteeing future bunker supply at the same fixed price after every delivery, using the same invoice and credit terms.

Bunker Hedging: Price Risk Management Solutions with Bunker Hedging

Business Matching

Hayaku Trading & Services Limited also offers consultancy services in business matching. We bridge the gap between marine fuel brokers, suppliers and buyers, enabling these parties to connect and obtain what they need from the appropriate party and carry out business transactions. We offer professional advice to suppliers and buyers in the marine industry, including price charts, contract options and bunker supply methods. With us, there is no fear of making wrong decisions as you would be guided along every step of the process.

As consultants, we also offer professional assistance to new start-up companies seeking to break into the shipping industry. With extensive experience and expertise, we offer advice to companies to aid their decision making, which means the difference between a company’s success and failure.

Market Entry